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Astrology Robin's Way, No BS Astrology  
 Do you know what's up with your lover??
Wouldn't you love to?
I offer quality astrological consulting. Personal forecasts, which include transits to your natal and progressed charts; answers to questions on relationships, work, health, and more, in your hour plus, interactive session. Click  Personal Consultation or the button on the Guest Menu to see more details on this, and other options.
We offer the very best in astrological reports, authored by world famous astrologers. 
Each report is custom tailored for a particular person, based on their unique Date, Time, and Place of birth.    All reports carry a 30-day money back guarantee.

Astrology Robin's way means I explain things in English, not astrologerese! (is that a word?) Also, I won't pull my punches. If there is something negative coming up, I'll be straight with you, and we can explore the best ways to plan for it.
Elite Subscribers enjoy special benefits.  If you are astro-fanatic or an astrologer, click on the 'Elite Membership' button to find out more.  Don't worry, it is not a typical squeeze page.  It does offer a fantastic value, where you can try before you buy! 
With Love & Light, Robin.