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  How to Plan a Major Personal Event - The First Step  
How to Plan a Major Personal Event - The First Step
by Robin Collier
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The first step is to make sure that Mars won't be at the bottom of your chart.
 Here's the info you need:


Each of us has a unique horoscope, aka birth chart, which is a snapshot of what was going on in the sky from the viewpoint on Earth at the date, time and place of our birth. Your chart doesn't change, and of course the planets keep moving around the Sun (and your chart). When the planets make certain aspects to points in your chart, called transits, certain energies come in to effect.

Here's the tip:

About every two years, Mars moves across the bottom of your chart. This period of 3 - 6 weeks is the time of your lowest physical energy. Planning any major event for this time is not recommended! This is the time when pushing through even though you feel tired out and a little down, can weaken your immune system temporarily and leave you susceptible to an opportunistic virus or other bug.

What to do:

Plan ahead. Try to schedule project deadlines around this. Don't volunteer, take your vitamins and get plenty of sleep. The key is avoiding stress.

Find out WHEN:
OK, this might seem a little tedious, but knowing this ahead of time could be important in your life. You can always call a good astrologer to do it for you, and get more complete information.

Finding out when this transit happens for you, requires only three things: a fairly accurate birth time, a copy of your natal chart, and access to an ephemeris. Your natal chart can be obtained any number of places on the internet, usually for free. You can get your free chart on this site by clicking the ' Join Free' tab. It is just a map of where the planets etc. were at the date, time and place of your birth. You don't have to understand the chart to use this, so I won't talk about that. At the bottom of the circle on your chart is a line that marks the boundary between your 3rd and 4th house, and at the intersection of the line and the circle there will be a notation of the degrees, sign and minutes of the cusp of your 4th house. This is called the nadir or Imum Coeli (IC). Jot down the degrees, minutes and sign of your nadir. To find out when the transit happens, you look at an ephemeris, which is just a table of where the planets were or are going to be on a particular date.

The best online ephemeris I've found so far is at Findyoufate. Here is a short link to get there: .   To get used to this, scroll down to year 2010 for example, and click on that year. Now look at the column for Mars. You will see that on January 1st, Mars is at 18 degrees and 49 minutes in the sign of Leo. At this time Mars is retrograde and as you read down, it's position gets less, until March 24, when it starts forward again. Your goal is to find the next date when Mars gets to the position at the bottom of your chart. Make note of the month, day and year when you find it, and you can plan to be taking it as easy as possible for the four weeks before and the two weeks after that date. Pretty cool right? Now finding the next time is a lot easier, because you know it's going to be about 2 years later.

Robin Collier, aka the No BS Astrologer, is your source for goal oriented coaching for love and relationships, business, and more. Using psychology, astrology, and other metaphysical knowledge, along with over 25 years of experience she can help empower you to attain your goals. To find out more visit See the 'Join Free' tab to receiveyour natal chart and a free report tailored to your personal horoscope.
                                Copyright 2010 Robin Lee Collier.


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